At Chesterton Primary School, we believe that mental health and wellbeing is of central importance to the lives of all of us in the school community.

We understand that the challenges of parents, staff and children are different and from time to time we all face difficult for periods that we may need support with.

We believe having a mentally healthy community is not about being happy all the time, but about working together through challenges, and feeling supported, accepted and valued.

Child Trauma Therapy at Chesterton


At Chesterton, we have on-site Trauma therapist who supports teachers, pupils and parents through a referral system.  Jess Van Der Hoech founded 'The Gap Bedfordshire Limited' in response to the lack of trauma treatment interventions available within the area of Bedfordshire.  To promote the school journey, Jess has trained staff in recognising trauma behaviour, as well as strategies that can be used in the classroom.  These strategies are regularly used both as a class and individually. Her ongoing work has proved crucial with a number of children who have faced some trauma in their lives, as well as supporting parents and staff when needed.




If you would like to refer your child to Trauma Therapy, please speak directly to Jess or Victoria Storey who will be happy to help you.


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Tips to support Mental Health & Wellbeing

There are many services you can access to support in the area of mental wellbeing. You will find a collection of PDFs in our Supporting Documents area below, with links to helpful resources covering a range of areas including support with:-
• Finding a therapist
• Addiction and substance misuse
• Anxiety
• Bereavement
• Eating disorders
• Depression
• Self-harm
• Family, Parenting and Relationships

Tips to support Mental Health & Wellbeing

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Useful links for parents

Young Minds:


Money Advice Service:

Carers Trust:

Bereavement Advice Centre:

Citizens Advice:

Place 2 Be:

Action for Happiness:


Local services

County Council page with support links:

Homestart charity offering support in the home: 

Support for families: 

Local activities and support for South Cambs families:

NHS based services and support for young people and families: 

Counselling for under 25: 

Counselling for child sexual abuse: 

Support for families of children with Autism: 


Supporting Documents - Mental Health & Wellbeing

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